Studio time. Shooting at The Pit Nottingham / by Dean Lowe

It can all get a bit frantic at times, weddings, portrait sessions and Schools. Sometimes it's nice just to shoot without the pressure of payments and deadlines, after getting in invite from some very good photographers I know for a days shoot with some great Models and an MUA at The Pit studio here in Nottingham I just had to pencil it in.

I took along a quick and easy lighting kit consisting of 3x 400w/s ac heads, a 300w/s dc head and battery pack + a few modifiers etc. We spent the day working with a mixture of both natural light and flash. Bellow are a selection of images from the day.

First up was an Urban street dance type look with model:  VelvetteDevine 

They had a Dance Pole in a room with great atmosphere so I decided to try a couple of shots against the pole, one a deep black and white, the other something with mood and colour.

Single flash head camera left, really trying to keep the dark look of the room whilst still getting texture on the subject. Model:  VelvetteDevine

Model:  VelvetteDevine

Next up was a Pit Studio icon, Chester the old red chair. 

The window provided enough light to get the shot I was aiming for with my Models: Luna Mae & Chester the red chair

Keeping with the window theme I moved on to a window shot.