Nottingham Location Photography / by Dean Lowe

Good location photography without a Hollywood budget

Being a photographer it's easy to get carried away with equipment in the hope that better/more equipment will translate into better photography, sometimes having lots of gear is a God send when conditions are demanding, but do not be fooled into expensive purchases thinking they are must have items for good honest photography.

Our usual Modus operandi on a location based shoot is to turn up with everything but the kitchen sink in tow, thousands of watts of mobile studio lighting, speedlights, stands, sandbags and a whole car full of gear, sometimes you forget what can be achieved with something as simple as a 5-in-1 reflector and some good quality sunlight as per this shoot with 2 wonderful Models: Amber Tutton and Kelli Smith, this shoot was as basic as you can get using a Canon 5dmkii and an interfit 5-in-1 reflector. You could go out and get the same results with any camera you own and any reflector, a sheet of white paper or even a white shirt will work in a pinch, so no excuses you absolutely do not need a car full of gear to get into location based portrait and fashion photography.